Your Time in Space

Firstly the text followed by the 2 images: Title: Your Time in Space Date: 12th October 2112– 11th November 2112 Location: The Orbuom Observatory, The Orbuom Centre, Outer Space Flights available from selected space ports worldwide (check the festival website for details)* For this event we present ‘Your Time in Space.’ Taking place at the observatory, which can be found at the top of the spine of The Orbuom Centre, It is here that you will witness moments captured of yourself before they gradually fade into the stars. Life is made up of moments and it is possible to see … Continue reading Your Time in Space

The Orbuom

Information for the festival guide. (For Shirley) Here is my first event to add to the guide/layout you are working on. Firstly the text in 3 paragraphs and then 2 images so you know which ones to use. The Orbuom Date: 12th October 2112 – 11th November 2112 Location : The Orbuom Centre, Outer Space Flights available from selected Space Ports. (check the festival website for details) The Orbuom is a Crystal Ball like structure above the spinal tower at The Orbuom centre. Inside there is a point where light and frequencies meet called ‘The Source’. Here one is able … Continue reading The Orbuom

Being and Nothingness

Yesterdays lecture of Being and Nothingness was also relevant to our project. As we mentioned briefly afterwards, we could perhaps entitle our festival  ’21:12 The Being and Nothingness Festival’ instead of ‘The Being festival’ we had decided on earlier. This works well and corresponds with our ideas of consciousness, existence, time, reflection and aspects of freedom within time and space  – the nothingness, which was discussed in the lecture. I have been thinking a little about the poster design too for the event. The circle and Line or 0 and 1 binary code style medal, brought up in yesterdays lecture … Continue reading Being and Nothingness

Mind the time

Good morning ! It was great to catch up on the past few days and read up on some of the recent blog posts. Some wonderful ideas and concepts being discussed along with some inspiring images. The concept of time remains prevalent amongst other themes for us. I thought you might enjoy this little silhouette animation by Lauren Young Smith and Lucas Loredo. Something to ease us into the weekend of research and planning. Mind the time       Continue reading Mind the time

Watch this Space…

Encompassing the themes of light, frequency and the cosmos as discussed prior to the christmas break I had this vision of creating an experience in a space where one could feel all at once invisible,whilst floating through the space and experiencing light and frequency. An overall oneness, the inner consciousness as an outwards physical, sensory experience. There are a number of elements to consider for this idea. One being zero gravity, the floating element as such. Following on from discussing zero gravity earlier on today I have just come across an article on Wallpaper magazines website. Apparently there is a zero … Continue reading Watch this Space…

Creative Inspiration

Since the discussion of several themes such as light, time and the infinite ,a few art exhibitions spring to mind. Firstly, Yayoi Kusamas Infinity Room. A mirrored maze giving the illusion of an infinite space whilst being lit with hundreds of LED lights hanging from the ceiling. Another Exhibition Installation by Japanese watch company Citizen ‘Light is Time’. 80,000 watch plates were suspended mid air and illuminated from above. La Triennale di Milano,2014. This impressive Projected 360 installtion Immerses viewers in a breathtaking virtual Universe. ‘Nimbes’ by Audiovisual artist Joanie Lemercier. this was created using photography, CGI, laser scans and projection mapping. … Continue reading Creative Inspiration