Real Virtuality

One last one for the book. I emailed it earlier to Shirley but here it is for the blog.     Date: Permanent Installation. Location: Everywhere.   Put on your VR headset and disappear into the simulacrum. The world you see in the headset is a perfect copy of the world you inhabit physically. Recreated in super HD video, the copy in your headset in fact, appears more vivid, more real the world outside. You are immersed in the image, no longer looking upon a reproduction you now move through it, in a fully embodied experience. The copy is seamlessly … Continue reading Real Virtuality

Introduction to the festival (rough)

Hi Guys, As agreed, here is a first draft of an introduction to the festival programme. Please feel free to make suggestions/edit as you see fit.. I have tried to reference our work within the (real/actual) collaboration as well as describe and introduce the (fictional) Festival. ———–   The Festival of Being and Nothingness.   Introduction Established in 2017, The Festival of Being and Nothingness emerged out of the collaborative work of artists and designers Izzy Layne, Robert Jones, Wang Kangni, Yan Xuechen and Eddie Jones. Their shared interest in the themes of Light, Time, Frequency, Reality, Nowness, Shadow, Trace, … Continue reading Introduction to the festival (rough)

Composition for Shadows.

  Composition for Shadows February 18th 2112 – March 13th 2012 Friars Barn, Oxford Road, Hereford, UK The sun arcs the sky from dawn till dusk. We only really notice its movement with the rise and set when in close proximity to the horizon. In these instances the sun appears to move more quickly, when seen in relation to a fixed object. Once it extracts itself from this visual field and embarks on its long crossing of the sky above, it appears to slow, laboriously crossing the expanse until in the final moments of it’s journey, speeds up again towards … Continue reading Composition for Shadows.

Overview of today’s meeting.

Great progress today team! I think we’ve really engaged with the collaborative process and the outcome feels natural and very much born of this process. Here is a quick overview of today’s discussions. Feel free to add anything I may have left out! Our initial objective this morning was to define one idea from the many that we have put forward on this blog, in order to develop it into a proposal for an immersive, experiential installation. This proposal was going to take the form of an imaginary pitch for funding, to be submitted to imaginary arts funding bodies. Subsequent … Continue reading Overview of today’s meeting.

Initial ideas.

Last time we met, we talked about the idea of existing outside of our physical being. Disappearing physically whilst remaining consciously present. Somehow making real descarte’s mind/body. split. There were some great ideas being generated for ways to achieve this. Would love to hear some more. I’ll outline the two ideas I put forward. Feel free to add/make suggestions. 1. Mirror Room. A mirror room like Thilo Frank’s The Phoenix is Closer Than you Think. However, the mirrors are arranged in such a way that you can’t see yourself when you stand in a certain spot in the room. Is … Continue reading Initial ideas.