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Thank you Eddie picture provided is that I thought are two mirrors placed relative to one another, and the number of mirrors in a finite or infinite number? The overlapping worlds are interesting, where the time in the opposite picture belongs.Is the time in the mirror eternal or forbidden? Just at the moment I recorded a time: My favorite idol-Hugh shares the world in the mirror: And other mirrors overlap the world at rest or eternity Advertisements Continue reading Share it

About layout

Good morning everyone. Because of to our content with related festivals.I use the colorful color. More than five rows are used by each of us.One of the figs is my demonstration. The first two pages of this row are the table of contents and presentation. The last two pages are pages that we need to add more pages at a time. If you need more emotional big picture, I can email to you. On the part of our personal cover, I have another design: In fact, I like the atmosphere of these illustrations. Look forward to your suggestions. If you … Continue reading About layout

The use of light and space to describe the story of time

Hi, everybody. I am very sorry,since I found the video there are permissions that can not be loaded in the UK to watch. According to everyone’s records let me think of a design exhibition on the HM. “Forest Of Light” Fujimoto has designed an immersive device exhibition for H & M’s branded COS, the fifth appearance of COS in the design week of Milan. The device was set up in a cinematic hall built in the 1930s and explored the concept of interaction and perspective. Designers use dynamic acousto-optic equipment, and dark space in the light emitted by the cone-shaped … Continue reading The use of light and space to describe the story of time

Time is money or money is time?

Hi everyone, I have watched  a film called”In Time”.And I come out with following ideas. Time, is not the one controlled us, but the one pushing us so hard to make  us realize that being alive is important. I am thinking we can use a large amount of coins, or anything can represent wealthy and able to be blinked to do a coins dropping, and at the same time, we use the flashlight  to make the reflection, and the whole performance’s inspiration is that, we are living in the world which takes money to maintain the life we are spending. We … Continue reading Time is money or money is time?

Thought–Eternal time in the infinite space in the silent fluctuations.

Thank you for your patience to elaborate their own ideas, but also thank you for taking the trouble to explain to me the discussion.This blog is really great. I can see all the thinking process and at any time involved. Over the past few days, I think a lot.The beginning of the thoughts from the theme I completed before – with up a chatterbox.I created a video for this theme. Contrast a couple with a different attitude towards life when the life of the screen.The husband spent every day in his wife’s endless grumbling and chattering accusations.This kind of similarity … Continue reading Thought–Eternal time in the infinite space in the silent fluctuations.