Finally, we get everything done. I have to say each of you really did a wonderful job, the Collaborative Dialogues and the poster. I like Issy’s image and color, Rob’s philosophy thinking, Shirley’s cultural coherence ( and I witnessed how much time and effort she spent in layout design ), and Eddie, your work is always so cool.   From today, we’re no longer a team. But this experience is the best teamwork ever for me, except being stressed out before the deadline, and I did stay up to finish the work. I was over confident about my health condition, … Continue reading

Thanks for your concern.

I just come back from surgery. Due to my health condition, I have no progress with my group work and poster. To hand in on time, I may have to stay up all night. The doctor suggested me to rest for extra 2 days. If the symptom continues, I should go to the surgery again on Friday morning and do a blood test to see whether being infected. But I don’t want to miss the class or presentation…Sorry, I don’t have enough time to read your blogs… Continue reading Thanks for your concern.

Further thought of D.

Thanks for your sharing, I get much inspiration not limited to art, but more philosophical thinking and other areas. Being with you really have given me things, not just the professional skills. Space, displacement happens in space every day, we also have measurements to describe the space. But we don’t know enough about time, even if we deal with time every day, even if we too have a criterion to describe time.It is said the black hole is a powerful source of gravity, so the time near the horizon of the black hole is slow. It is said the black … Continue reading Further thought of D.

How to build a timepiece.

How to build a timepiece Sorry for being absent, I just came back to Swansea. In this article, please click the blue parts to access some source or introduction. My article is a little long due to the thinking process, you can skip this part, there are my plans in the end written in bold type. To keep thinking about time and life, I did sketches, I took photos and videos, I collected information … This is a Chinese calligraphy sentence, means ” Life passes like a dream, people are nothing but plankton will die at any minute in this immeasurable and … Continue reading How to build a timepiece.


  I am on a train to London when I write these, covered by the sunset light, struggling with essay and group work . But writing things you like is an enjoyment, especially on a train with the music you like and the wonderful scenery falling behind. I can remember parts of the conversation we had, the pictures I sketched. And I also learned much from Eddie’s experience, the cultural differences between China and Europe. In our country, young people always spend 20 or more years in school, not because they love studying but be forced by family, by society, … Continue reading 00:50:25


  Thanks Eddie for creating this blog, the name Phenomenoblogical, sounds nerd to me, I really like this. And thanks Izzy, Rob, and Shirley, for accepting me become a group member. My writing might be too colloquial and full of grammar mistakes, hope you don’t mind and can understand me. Today is the first day of December, I got nervous yesterday, the last day of November. When something become “the last”,it would be given a different meaning, people get panic, like they’re losing it, losing the time, losing the life, losing the chance to spend with the ones they love deeply. During … Continue reading Thoughts.