Real Virtuality

One last one for the book. I emailed it earlier to Shirley but here it is for the blog.




Date: Permanent Installation.

Location: Everywhere.


Put on your VR headset and disappear into the simulacrum. The world you see in the headset is a perfect copy of the world you inhabit physically. Recreated in super HD video, the copy in your headset in fact, appears more vivid, more real the world outside.

You are immersed in the image, no longer looking upon a reproduction you now move through it, in a fully embodied experience.

The copy is seamlessly mapped over the original. Where you see objects in the copy, objects exist physically in the world. You see a door in front of you; you reach out and open it. The copy and the original are one. It’s now impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.


The only thing that reminds you that it is an image that you now inhabit, and not the real world is your absence from it. When you reach out and open that door, you see the handle turn and the door open but you see no hand. Though physically present in this reproduced reality, your image is absent, that contract between you, and the image that you view, remains intact. Your position as viewer is maintained in the simulacrum.



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