Your Time in Space

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Title: Your Time in Space

Date: 12th October 2112– 11th November 2112

Location: The Orbuom Observatory, The Orbuom Centre, Outer Space

Flights available from selected space ports worldwide

(check the festival website for details)*

For this event we present ‘Your Time in Space.’

Taking place at the observatory, which can be found at the top of the spine of The Orbuom Centre, It is here that you will witness moments captured of yourself before they gradually fade into the stars. Life is made up of moments and it is possible to see this in action in Your Time in Space.

The walls and floors are made from digital glass. This enables one to see out perfectly into the infinite atmosphere of outer space whilst also being able to see images on the walls. The images may appear solid, semi transparent and barely visible until they completely disappear. 360 degree hovering mirror cameras, are able to capture moments in the room, before immediately transferring them onto the wall itself. Imagine images of yourself fading away into an infinite space and this is what you will experience. One moment after another, captured, disappearing and then the moment gone forever.The transparent floors and walls touch upon the sublime as you walk amongst the infinite stars and witness you time disappear.

The idea is that you are able to see gathered moments within a space in space.This is a simple yet fun way to experience the concept of time. Time is of the essence, make the most of your time in space!

*We will be offering free space flights and discounts, as well as launching competitions to design other experiences at The Orbuom tower. Visit our website for further information.

Izzy Layne




Rough Sketch (not for brochure)







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