The Torus – London 2112

The Torus
Greenwich, Thames Path, London 2112


The Torus is a permanent large scale structure that is based in London situated along the Thames at Greenwich – home to standard clock time as we know it. The Torus houses a futuristic rollercoaster that takes visitors on an Earth-bound journey through space and time. The rollercoaster consisting of twelve individual glass ‘pods’ is hidden within an enclosed tunnel within the Torus structure. Passengers secure in their ‘cocoon’ pods are provided with an experience that simulates what it might be like to travel through hyperspace along a gigantic wormhole through the warping of the space-time continuum.

A potent part of the overall experience is provided is a phase where the passenger gets a chance to experience weightlessness for a brief passage of time. Suspended in zero-gravity  and enveloped in a temporary silent void of darkness as they are teleported through time before re-emerging a short while later the other side of this phase of ‘nothingness’ and back into a journey through emissions of light energy and through hyperspace.


To create the illusion of being weightless in space, an induction motor system accelerates the pods along the tunnel track with unprecedented precision. As the pods approach a speed of more than 100 mph, they begin to slightly decelerate—just enough to throw the passengers up from their seats—and then quickly adjust its speed to fly in formation with and around the passengers.  As the pods reach the top of the Torus and begin their descent, a computer system continues to match the speed to that the falling passengers, extending the sensation of weightlessness for several additional seconds, and finally rapidly decelerate to a stop back at the base of the Torus.



One thought on “The Torus – London 2112

  1. I think this would be perfect for the festival and worth putting into the guide if you have time! That is an impressive mock up too! Looks good to go. Also that is a fair point – if we did have a website with space flights available… we could give great discounts/ free prize flights, so everyone has a chance to get to outer space 🙂


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