Introduction to the festival (rough)

Hi Guys,

As agreed, here is a first draft of an introduction to the festival programme. Please feel free to make suggestions/edit as you see fit..

I have tried to reference our work within the (real/actual) collaboration as well as describe and introduce the (fictional) Festival.



The Festival of Being and Nothingness.



Established in 2017, The Festival of Being and Nothingness emerged out of the collaborative work of artists and designers Izzy Layne, Robert Jones, Wang Kangni, Yan Xuechen and Eddie Jones.

Their shared interest in the themes of Light, Time, Frequency, Reality, Nowness, Shadow, Trace, and The Cosmos led them into a collaborative enquiry into the nature of existence. An exploration of states of being and perception followed, catalysed by rapid developments in technology and reality reproduction.

Now in its 95th year The Festival of Being and Nothingness has events and exhibits on every continent on earth. The universal relevance of the themes of the Festival were evident from the start and with the rapid technological advancements, and reconfiguration of notions of the spiritual that took place over the past century, humankind’s desire to reflect on the nature of their own existence has made this Festival of global importance.

We are now pleased to announce that for the first year in our history we have art installations that exist outside of the earth’s atmosphere creating spaces for the contemplation of our existence beyond the artificial constructs of our physical world.

This program contains details of our featured exhibitions.

For full listings of all events and information regarding logistics please see our website.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to the festival (rough)

  1. Hi Eddie,
    That’s just great. Time permitting I will try and come back to this again later with any editions or extensions that become apparent.


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