Enter the Void…


This is still work in progress…but wanted to post before going to work…

Enter the Void

Museum of Modern Art, New York 2112.

The Infinity Room

Laser light, camera projections, sensors, custom software, 3D tracking cameras, steel beams, octophonic sound system, gridded floor, walls and ceiling from 100sqrm


Light Room is a large-scale environment of laser light that ceases to emit light beams wherever a person walks through them. This immersive experience places the visitor in a infinite light matrix through which they  wander. Due to the nature of laser beams the position where a person is currently standing will be total darkness. You will disappear into shadow.

Light Room responds to the presence and behaviour of its participants, offering visitors a surreal environment and unique relationship with light.   As you progress ‘invisibly’ through the space the sound you are confronted by a sonically choreographed experience that responds to your movements and presence.

The idea is that when you and other fellow travellers traverse this light matrix you start to transcend your imaginary boundaries. The dark shadows where someone is present suggest absence as well as presence.

There are phases when the space becomes ‘void’ and you are enveloped in total darkness – there is nothingness. From this dark void visitors can ‘teleport’ themselves to a different space in the room where they will seemingly reappear to others as the infinite light matrix becomes reconfigured illuminating their position in space.



I will endeavour to find time at lunch or later to finish the text off for this one.

Not enough hours in the day….

Any thoughts or comments always welcome…




2 thoughts on “Enter the Void…

  1. Hello, Rob.
    Your idea is very interesting. I know your work is in progress. Please tell me what needs to be added in our brochure when you are done with these tasks.
    Thank you


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