The Orbuom

Information for the festival guide.

(For Shirley) Here is my first event to add to the guide/layout you are working on. Firstly the text in 3 paragraphs and then 2 images so you know which ones to use.

The Orbuom

Date: 12th October 2112 – 11th November 2112

Location : The Orbuom Centre, Outer Space
Flights available from selected Space Ports.
(check the festival website for details)

The Orbuom is a Crystal Ball like structure above the spinal tower at The Orbuom centre. Inside there is a point where light and frequencies meet called ‘The Source’. Here one is able to experience inner consciousness as an outwardly physical sensation.

The Orbuom contains a large singing bowl positioned in the lower half of the crystal, spherical dome. The mechanics are inspired by and use traditional methods on a greater scale. There are mirrors within the structure and telescopes, which gather light from the surrounding stars to a centre point, (the source). A suspended felted mallet gently strikes the singing bowl in a variety of positions to radiate the ringing frequencies associated with the ancient technique and sound of the Tibetan singing bowl.

In the eye of the source of The Orbuom there is a zero gravitational force, which enables one to float. It is here where the surrounding frequencies and light gather in a harmonic glow. With the added aspect of becoming weightless, one may experience the  extraordinary, being encompassed by frequencies whilst hovering in the epicentre of light all at once. Less intense options include views from the edge of the bowl where frequencies sing and the view of an infinite space create a sublime experience as well as alternative perspectives of the stars.

Izzy Layne

Here is the main picture:


Image 2



Some Sketches and research for The Orbuom

Here is a rough sketch made just before going ahead with the designs used for the brochure. As my event is in Space I felt I needed to create a venue and illustrate it.


The Name Orbuom – Orb – being the spherical structure and OM defining oneness. So Orbuom seemed to fit well – The letter ‘U’ in the middle is also fitting as it is a personal and singular experience when someone sits or floats in the middle of The Orbuom. Although they are experiencing oneness of light and frequency they are alone in that moment as a human being. This also draws upon aspects our being and nothing concept for the festival.

Having recently experienced the sound of a singing bowl for the first time, I thought how wonderful it would be to experience that on a larger scale. The frequencies circle and surround you completely. As well as the ancient sound techniques I wanted to use traditional methods of gathering light, utilising the stars as well as glass and mirrors which can be placed inside the Orbuom bringing it to the eye of structure.







2 thoughts on “The Orbuom

  1. Excellent stuff Izzy. It’s like we’re making dreams become reality…
    The dates, venue etc. really help to make it feel like this is all actually going to happen. Maybe it will….one day.

    Liked by 1 person

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