Being and Nothingness

Yesterdays lecture of Being and Nothingness was also relevant to our project. As we mentioned briefly afterwards, we could perhaps entitle our festival  ’21:12 The Being and Nothingness Festival’ instead of ‘The Being festival’ we had decided on earlier.

This works well and corresponds with our ideas of consciousness, existence, time, reflection and aspects of freedom within time and space  – the nothingness, which was discussed in the lecture. I have been thinking a little about the poster design too for the event. The circle and Line or 0 and 1 binary code style medal, brought up in yesterdays lecture is simple, yet effective and brings together both the physical and metaphysical. The ‘God’ and the Being. This again fits in really with our ideas and what the festival we discussed is all about. We could perhaps somehow incorporate this design into our poster or guide. (I couldn’t find the exact picture of the medal shown in the lecture – but here is a similar image without the text)


The text I believe was ‘Ex Nihilo Omnia Fecit’  translated as ‘He made everything out of nothing.’ Our events discussed will come from our ideas, inside our minds which cannot be seen – before becoming physical experiences we are able to see and touch (potentially!) This is the mind over matter complex which again is represented so simply yet effectively in this design. We can literally make ‘everything out of nothing.’ I will post the image from yesterday as soon as I can find it.

The Circular shape is also representative of a oneness, continuation and the line through the middle creates a perfect line of symmetry, again symbolic of reflection and perhaps a division which we could interpret to be the division of reality and virtual worlds as we have discussed technology so much.

I couldn’t help but think of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel Dune yesterday with all the talk of space. These Posters are fairly simple yet effective with the use of colour – they are quite inviting. An other idea/ inspiration to get us going with the promotional material for early on next week.




Following on from this I just wanted to add the poster design I shared today –  which was inspired by these images:


We have since altered this with the help of Shirley’s professional skills!

It is now entitled (after being discussed today)  ‘ Being and nothing festival’ as it was before.

Maybe we can post the final design below too.

There is a lot of symbolism of the metaphysical, transcendental, being, nothingness and so on with the shapes and lines used.Although simple it seems to be representative of the festival as a whole.





2 thoughts on “Being and Nothingness

  1. I totally agree.
    In fact it’s tempting to want to call the proposed festival – ‘Being and Nothing’ – A Festival of Oneness…. as this is precisely what we seem to collectively exploring….

    One of Paul’s final slides had this on it….

    “there is nothing in heaven or on earth which does not contain in itself being and nothingness.”
    – Hegel

    Wondering whether Hegel was anticipating space travel…our proposed thought experiment in space could test Hegel’s hypothesis.



  2. Ah yes Rob, that title would be perfect I think ‘Being and nothing – a festival of oneness! ‘ Brilliant. That quote also epitomises this. Perhaps that could go somewhere in the festival guide too!
    Our project could indeed be testing Hegel’s hypothesis. The space travel is maybe not so far away either and there are already art projects as a part of trying to colonise parts of space -( like the space sculptures I posted about) and probably a lot more serious things than that. I wonder if we will get to space…perhaps someone will commission our events 🙂


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