About layout

Good morning everyone.

Because of to our content with related festivals.I use the colorful color.




More than five rows are used by each of us.One of the figs is my demonstration.


The first two pages of this row are the table of contents and presentation.

The last two pages are pages that we need to add more pages at a time.

If you need more emotional big picture, I can email to you.

On the part of our personal cover, I have another design:


In fact, I like the atmosphere of these illustrations.

Look forward to your suggestions. If you do not like some of these parts or styles tell me please.





6 thoughts on “About layout

  1. Hi Shirley,
    Well done. This is a good start. Over the weekend I will be working and thinking about our project – so will try to feedback some thoughts towards the end of the weekend.


  2. Hello Shirley! Thats a fantastic start, super quick too – I agree the use of colour is good for the festival feeling -Its fun and inviting. I have just posted a couple of ideas since yesterdays meeting and lecture on being and nothingness – we could perhaps incorporate some of these together somehow. This is really coming together nicely 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for your reply. I was eating lunch before. Now I’m starting to collect the coincidence of ideas. These coincide points can help our subject get more extension and utilization.\(^o^)/

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  3. Fantastic Shirley! You really captured what I think we were hoping to produce.
    Thank you for putting this together so quickly.
    I look forward to getting our content put into the layout..


  4. Hello Shirley, I have posted my images and text on the blog to fill the festival guide ‘ The Orbuom ‘ and ‘Your Time in Space.’ Let me know if any problems with image sizes / text. Thank you 🙂


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