Overview of today’s meeting.

Great progress today team! I think we’ve really engaged with the collaborative process and the outcome feels natural and very much born of this process.

Here is a quick overview of today’s discussions. Feel free to add anything I may have left out!

Our initial objective this morning was to define one idea from the many that we have put forward on this blog, in order to develop it into a proposal for an immersive, experiential installation.

This proposal was going to take the form of an imaginary pitch for funding, to be submitted to imaginary arts funding bodies.

Subsequent discussions highlighted the difficulties in agreeing on a single idea that suitably encapsulates our varied perspectives on the central themes of our collaboration.

Following our constructive tutorial in the morning, and Sean’s suggestion that perhaps it wasn’t necessary to focus our thinking down to one idea, we began to see that the multivalent nature of our collaboration was in itself worth focusing on.

Further discussions revealed our collective desire to draw on all of the ideas that were taking shape in the blog.

The suggestion that these ideas (exhibits) could be brought together as a collection of exhibits within an imaginary art festival was well received and we made good progress developing a plan of action for bringing this overarching idea together in some tangible form.

We agreed on producing a printed festival programme in which we will list the exhibits happening on different days throughout the festival.

The program will contain numerous double page spreads that offer a description of each of these exhibits. We will all provide one or more of our ideas that have been generated over the course of the collaboration. These ideas will be presented as a title, a description of the work and photos alluding to the look/experience of the work.

Shirley, will produce a layout for the program that we can all add our individual content to, and this will be printed and bound for presentation alongside our research/blog.

We all agreed to produce our ideas ready for Tuesdays meeting at 1pm where we will finalise the info ready for printing.

I think that’s everything we covered but as I say, please add anything I missed in the comments…



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