The quality of Time and Space inherent in the act of re-presentation.

In relation to my comments on Robs previous post:

Regarding time, when we record an event a starting pistol is fired and we sprint away from the fixed moment in time that has been pinpointed in the image.

I like this image below because you are somehow absorbed into the mechanism of representation. The photo that she holds in her hands was taken seconds earlier and is almost an exact copy of the photograph that we look at now. As the Polaroid develops in her hands the gaze that we see staring out at us is staring back up at the girl. For me, time is palpable in this image.


Not sure how this relates to our creative venture!? I suppose it highlights that by merely using photographic or cinematographic imagery we are talking about time/space and that maybe we can make that fact an aspect of our work somehow.




One thought on “The quality of Time and Space inherent in the act of re-presentation.

  1. Thank you for sharing this Eddie. I agree that we rush away after recording an event – I imagine a big setup at a birthday party where a large group make a real forced effort to get everyone squeezed into the picture to capture this celebratory photo… and then they all disperse as fast as they can! Your photo for me really epitomises life being made up of moments, this girl is holding a moment – whilst the experience of doing this becomes another moment. Then you can imagine the in-between nothingness as such or moments in between the moments! (The time and space. )
    An idea just popped into my head to project this concept onto a larger scale such as a square room with large walls, using the camera to take fast snap shots of people walking around a space. The images taken would then somehow immediately be projected onto a surround screen on the four walls and as people walk around the walls the captured moments follow them around or appear somewhere in the space. Then visitors could leave with a singular photo/polaroid of a moment in time when they were in the space. It could have quite an impact if the walls were super big. Not that we need anymore ideas at this point but this was an inspiring little catalyst!


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