Alicja Kwade

Here’s some more info on the artist who’s work I saw in India.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling being switched on to an idea! Everything seems to be of relevance. It feels as if things are being placed in your path for you to discover.

“Primarily focused on sculpture but often straying into photography and video, Kwade’s practice centres on a compelling series of mind exercises: thought experiments with space and time, jumps into parallel worlds and infinite possibilities, and wildly imaginative explorations of what’s real and what’s not”.

From this Feature in Art Review

Based on earlier posts I think you’d find her work really interesting Connie.

Here’s her website

And this from Art Forum


One thought on “Alicja Kwade

  1. I deeply agree with you, I evade from “nows”, all I thought is about past and future, excepting now. I’m still struggling to find a way to emphasize the moment we’re living through. Rob’s mentioned video, the time delay room, is a little like what I thought, to make a time difference. Besides, I hope the fictitious surroundings can become three-dimensional. Like the videos Rob shared, how beautiful and unbelievable they are, due to the science and technology in the modern world. I watched your video, I do like your thinking way and your finding, it’s simple but powerful and impressive. Thanks for your sharing this.

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