Time and the Digital…

Final post for this evening….

Another text I’ve come across this evening that captured my interest – well at least for now is – Time and The Digital – Connecting Technology Aesthetics and a Process Philosophy of Time by Timothy Scott Barker…published 2012 – so fairly recent…

There’s a piece of work called Time Delay Room which kind of looks dated but nonetheless interesting in relation to our discussions..


more details at


going back to the book overall though….it brings up an overarching question for us though which we need to reflect on – which is regarding the digital and the virtual…

What’s kind interesting at the moment is that we are looking at both real ‘physical’, materialsitc world ideas and expressions of parallel worlds and so forth and also thinking about digital (CG, VR, sensors. technological)  expressions of these parallel worlds too.

It begs the question do we go one way or the other or can we synthesise the approach much like has been suggested through ‘real virtuality’ where we explore some kind of correspondence between the real/physical/material world and the virtual/synthetic index of this…through this parallelism perhaps we can traverse time and space in some novel ways…

And now to sleep…although i might be reading at 4am again?

See you all Friday.







3 thoughts on “Time and the Digital…

  1. Thanks Rob, great research, really useful stuff. I love the look of that book.
    I totally agree that in the relationship between the experience of the real (material) and the virtual (immaterial) there is a space that opens up where we can explore notions of time and space.
    In a comment I left on Connies post How to build a timepiece, I talked about projecting live footage of a viewer into the space they are in but slightly slowed down so that you slowly drift out of sync. As with Dan Graham’s work above, it would create a wonderful disconnect in experience.
    I suppose, in every act of recording and re-presenting an event, time and space are inherent.
    Will post a picture i’ve worked with in the past that I think expresses this well.


  2. Hi Eddie,
    Thanks for your comments. I’m in work (as in day job) mode right now – so can’t apply myself to some further thinking on all of this until tonight. Once I’m home I’ll aim to hide up in the attic tonight and ponder and post. R.


  3. Brilliant books all round – thanks for sharing.
    Also having just watched the time delay room clip, as with the dancers interaction with technology it fuses together the virtual and the real together quite seamlessly. What I like about this is that it is an experience for someone rather than a spectacle such as watching the performance – (although the guy is inevitably watching himself) he has the sensation of time delay. Nice!


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