Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

I woke up at 4am yesterday morning and managed to read an entire book before going back to sleep again. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli is a concise beautiful tour of modern physics making the mysteries of the universe almost comprehensible…It covers Einsteins General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics and all that….and of course that all involved dealing with space and time and the dualistic nature of light.

I only mention this as I have in mind some of the key words that we identified collectively from our initial thought experiments – light, time, frequency, cosmic….

Perhaps therefore we have some lessons and insights to meditate on from the underlying physics of the universe as we now know it….even if we approach all of this metaphysically or metaphorically….


By the way i don’t often do this….wake up at 4am and read an entire (albeit vey short) book. Kind of wish I did though. zzz




2 thoughts on “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

  1. Very efficient use of time there Rob!
    A summery is probably a bit out of the question but was there any one thing that really jumped out in relation to our work?


  2. Hi Eddie,
    Once I’m back at home in ‘shed’ mode i shall endeavour to identify the essential takeaway(s) from this lovely book.


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