Outlines – A Laser-Filled Room…


Evening everyone,
Just came across this on part of my expedition this evening…


Thanks for posts from Shirley and Connie – has helped to fire me up various lines of thought – so will aim to respond to those inputs…

Hopefully some more stuff to follow tonight and tomorrow ahead of meeting up on Friday…I’m thinking if we have a range of things to discuss on Friday we can then figure out what we are going to put together collaboratively for the final submission.

…wishing we could slow down time a bit….



5 thoughts on “Outlines – A Laser-Filled Room…

    1. Ah wow Rob this is stunningly beautiful to watch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the average joe could experience what it feels like to do what that ‘looks’ like – floating in a velvet cloud, dancing in a hurricane of sound, it looks blissful and free and for me this really captures the beauty and sadness of life. This suspension mid air/ floating sensation is also what I envisioned when explaining the ‘zero gravity ‘ idea – perhaps a simple suspension wire is all we need! Much simpler than going into space! I think some of this is what I would like to try and achieve as an experience. Super inspiring. It is also such a simple yet effective use of technology.


    1. I just love this fusion of the body interacting with technology – perhaps it is timed so it gives the illusion of the interaction – but to watch it is magical. (At 2.2 s) onwards – the whistling wind sound brings life into this technological environment It seems that nature has inspired this piece in parts whilst also being representational of the metaphysical with the grid like lines. You can see the dimensions of the wind and the energy of the emotion being conveyed by the dancer through the use of light and sound.


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