A Beautiful Question…

Santa brought me a number of other books (that I haven’t been reading at 4am in the morning – although that might change this week) all around a similar theme…i.e. time, space and the universe….and other such small matters…


  1. A Beautiful Question by Frank Wilczek – a beautiful treatise on the true nature of the universe from an aesthetic perspective…from escaping Plato’s cave through the doors of perception…to quantum beauty and the music of the spheres…
  2. Hyperspace by Michu Kaku considers parallel universes, time warps and tenth dimensions…
  3. From Eternity to Here – Sean Carroll…The quest for the ultimate  theory of time…need i say more…

All heady enough stuff even though it’s written for a amateurs (i.e. non-specialist audience)…I’m been sifting through these ‘gift’ books…for clues and ‘lightbulb’ moments to see if they might trigger neural connections relating to our collaborative thought experiment…..

However, i’m assuming though on Friday that you will kindly rein me in from the outer fringes of the universe…before I get entirely lost in some dark (black) hole. some of it is frying my brains already.



2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Question…

  1. They sound amazing! Really relevant, if only we could find enough time to read them all befor tomorrow!
    I have been looking at some more work by Alicja Kwade. She is concerned with notions of reality, time, multiple dimensions, light and the cosmos. A great source of inspiration for us I think. Will post some links in a new blog post…


  2. Hi Eddie,
    Thanks for your comments…liking Alicja Kwade’s work and thinking…so looking forward to more of that tomorrow…
    I’ll also endeavour to identify some key concepts from the various books I’m looking at currently….


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