Rain Room…Light Room

Hi guys,

At the risk of contradicting myself I wanted to post this too…

Here’s a link to Random International’s work – Rain Room


I mentioned to this last term and it opened up some discussion and possible avenues of exploration…where instead of water (i.e. rain) we had laser light…controlled by sensors…which would detect human movement…so could lead to a system where we see shadows where there should be a person present and potentially sonic events triggered by this interplay too….depends how effective laser light is…i.e. how much spill would occur from light hitting (detecting) a person in the Light Room….

What I like about this sort of immersive experience is the lack of VR goggles etc..and possible synthetic feel to things – much more emphasis on a real physical environment – even if that space/environment  is ‘cosmic’ in its design….

The takeaways from the Rain Room are the possibilities of precise sensor control in an evocative ‘sound bath’…whilst subverting expectations and the usual sense of place and space…





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