Happy New Year~~

Hi, everybody.
I browse this time everyone’s views, and I liked what Rob wrote about Enter the Void. During the holidays I also found some video about the light. For a while I will find them and upload them.
I think we can meet on Wednesday or Thursday to discuss? Determine what we’re going to do next.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year~~

  1. Happy new year! Yes, lets definitely meet this week to finalise the idea.
    Perhaps we could also meet on Friday morning at 9:30 as we no longer have the morning lecture. That would give us 1.5 hrs to discuss..


  2. Just seen comments – yes – Friday is good. There’s a schedule of sorts and I think we have Gav (Kirby) for 40 minutes in the morning to talk about Essay Posters…but after that as far as I”m aware (and concerned) it’s all about the Collaborative Dialogues….


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