Enter the Void

Firstly Happy New Year everyone. Hope you’ve all been having nice times.
Thought I’d try and touch base with you all ahead of this Friday’s (on 13th January) classes as we need to get all our ideas together for the following Friday (i.e. 20th January)  – which has crept up fast.

Picking up on Eddie’s last post – ‘Initial Ideas’ I have been wondering which direction we all might want to head in. My personal thoughts right now are option ‘2’ – Real Virtuality as these seems like there is quite a lot of scope for tangible research in this area as VR is really a growth area right now. However I’m also open to alternatives (i.e. mirror rooms and zero-gravity ) if as a group we feel there is more a clear steer in this direction.

As far as the Real Virtuality  option goes I can see some clear areas with which to potentially divide up the research given our respective backgrounds and interests.

We have For example:


and then some possible research areas:VR and Sensor Technologies [Rob, Izzy]

  1. Environment Design (both Physical and Virtual) [Connie, Shirley]
  2. Sound Design [Izzy, Rob]
  3. Time Concepts  [Eddie, Connie]
  4. Light Concepts  [Eddie, Shirley]

This is only meant as a suggested way to map out a way to pull together a number of the research avenues and not an exhaustive list, and I’ve only attached names as a starting point. We will need to try and bring this all together as a group too for our final collaborative portfolio…

Idea Number 2 that Eddie outlined is something that people are starting to explore in VR but it is early days and the applications of it so far are no necessarily that interesting….

Here’s a couple of links:

  1. http://artaniminteractive.com/real-virtuality/
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cML814JD09g


[NOTE/Apology/deliberate spoiler] – This is example ‘super-gamey’ (which is not why i’m posting the example) but the possibilities of the technology might  be of use to us in our own thought experiment …which I sense has a very different agenda…we’ve no plans to make a first-person shooter as far as I’m aware… however, numerous ideas start to emerge as you start to consider our collective thought experiment in this context…with the possibilities of  ‘doppelgänger’ avatars we could potentially meet ourselves and/or see ourselves at different moments in time thus subverting a sense of ‘now’…

This is just a beginning really but as mentioned given the time we have until we need to submit our work – which is in about 10 days time….to my mind this  feels like the option (of the options we have currently on the table) where there is quite a lot of emerging technology out there which we can tap into for our project.

Let’s try and dialogue a bit this week before Friday so that we can make the most of the session on Friday when we finally get to meet again facet face. Although it seems like a while ago we did generate some really promising ideas – but we now need to commit and bring it all together somehow.

Looking forward seeing you all later this week.





2 thoughts on “Enter the Void

  1. Wow, it’s really interesting to see what is possible with VR these days! Could definitely use that technology to explore notions of the self and and time/space. However, we should be cautious of limiting our ideas by tying the thinking to what’s possible now, using current technology. Perhaps, we use the idea broadly as a jumping off point and see how far we can push it?
    Really looking forward to getting in a room together to brainstorm! Feels like we’ve all got a lot of ideas ready to go!
    How about getting together Friday morning?


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