Initial ideas.

Last time we met, we talked about the idea of existing outside of our physical being. Disappearing physically whilst remaining consciously present. Somehow making real descarte’s mind/body. split.

There were some great ideas being generated for ways to achieve this. Would love to hear some more.

I’ll outline the two ideas I put forward. Feel free to add/make suggestions.

1. Mirror Room.

A mirror room like Thilo Frank’s The Phoenix is Closer Than you Think.

However, the mirrors are arranged in such a way that you can’t see yourself when you stand in a certain spot in the room. Is that even possible?!

2. Real Virtuality.

Shoot footage of a real room in 3D at 1:1 scale to be used in Virtual Reality.

View the room in VR headset whilst standing in the actual room.

You can walk around the space and the walls you see in your headset will be the walls you feel around you. The furniture will be physically present as well as virtually visible in your headset.

The only difference will be when you look down to see your hands and the rest of your body it won’t be there.

The sense of dislocation experienced will likely be vertiginous.

*Izzy’s suggestion to make you not be able to feel yourself either is great. This lead us on to think about doing it in zero gravity. Ideally in space. (maybe make it only experiencable by astronauts) Or even in a zero gravity plane.

3. Virtual Mirror Room

Again, think of Thilo Frank’s The Phoenix is Closer Than you Think.

However the mirrors are in fact very high res video screens showing a recording of a mirror room.

The video is synced up to the door so when you open it, the video plays the door opening on the screen /mirror wall in front of you. The Image in front of you looks like the door you are coming through opening. However, the door way where you should be standing is empty.

You walk in, the door closes, so does the one in the mirror but you don’t see yourself in the reflection.

Perhaps it would work better as only one wall of a room. You could even have  a gallery attendant who is in the reflection (video) and standing in the room to add to the illusion. They move at the same time as each other.

You would see your physical environment without you in it.. Like experiencing the world when you aren’t there…


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