Thanks Eddie for creating this blog, the name Phenomenoblogical, sounds nerd to me, I really like this. And thanks Izzy, Rob, and Shirley, for accepting me become a group member. My writing might be too colloquial and full of grammar mistakes, hope you don’t mind and can understand me.

Today is the first day of December, I got nervous yesterday, the last day of November. When something become “the last”,it would be given a different meaning, people get panic, like they’re losing it, losing the time, losing the life, losing the chance to spend with the ones they love deeply.

During the presentation of the Thought  Experiment, I was moved and I saw the distinction of us. After the presentation, I got the balloon from Rob, with a short sentence, “All we have is now”. I lost the balloon on my way home by accident, upset, but I will remember this sentence for lifetime.

My thought experiment item, “Imagine your imminent death”, I faked many death situations for myself, that feeling was strange but solemn. I was truly alive, but I had to pretend I would die or I was died already. The saddest thing about death for me might be, being unconcerned, still have lots of things want to achieve without a chance, and no one would take care of my dog as I did.I asked people, “If I died”, little people care as I expected. One day, my body died, memory about me died, I dissapeared thoroughly from this world. I don’t know the way I would be defined after my death, or be judged.

About time, it’s a capacious topic, no matter from the physics side, or just from daily life side. In my imagination, time is like flaring dusts, floating in the darkness,  and I’m walking alone on a path. Sometimes the flaring dusts gather together to form a tiny galaxy, sometimes they just fade away, leave me alone in the darkness.

I spent 30 mins averagely per day on jogging, 30 mins on communicating with local students, 1 hour on language practice, etc. The time I spent, contributes to who I am. The time I spent with my family, my friends, my dog, contributes to the relationship we own together. But sometimes, I still wonder in the late night, “Are we real existence?”.

From your work I got inspiration, like you said, to be creative, need to step out of the comfort zone, need to give up things you feel right. I was lucky to have the chance, accompany my 2 friends attending thier group meeting. They’ve proceeded a lot about the work, to a concrete stage, like the way to present, where to present, audiences’ feeling, etc. When listening to their thougnts, I kept thinking, “can we find something more out of the box?”, “can we make the audience part of our work, and let them have a experience will never forget?”.

There might be a parallel universe in which you might are living with totally different people, might have another occupation, might have more options…And maybe, in that world, time can be reversed.


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