Fix the Ephemeral

Here are some words that come to mind when I think about my thought experiment…

fleeting, eternity, immortality, delicate, melancholy, moment, beauty, longing, change, nature, impermanence, time, traces, shadows, loss, forgetting, memory, transience, fix, free…

…certainly not conclusive but these words evoke connotations of the ‘epheremal’ and what this might suggest…

The essence of the philosophical enquiry invoked by this particular thought experiment was whether the ephemeral should be ‘fixed’ to just left alone, to be experienced in the here and now and in whatever shape or form it takes, whether that be the blossom of a cherry tree, a butterfly a moment passing in time, surely the only place one can be is in the moment. Or do memories and thoughts unlock the dimensions of time…both past and future?


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