Collaborative Thought Experiment


Hi everyone,
Thanks to Eddie we now have a platform to collaborate over the next few weeks on what seems like an ‘uber’ thought experiment. From the initial discussions on Friday it seems like an obvious starting point is to try and synthesise our recent thought experiments into one big thought experiment by looking for the connections between them.

So what connects our thoughts experiments? Time and living in the moment seem recurring themes, but this is probably just the beginning…

Also, the other way we were looking at the collaborative thought experiment was through our combined skillsets and interests which are varied as they are compatible. So we have glass, lenses, sound, music, photography, film, visual effects, 3D animation, graphic design, illustration, fine art, environmental design along with a range of other interests and of course a healthy cultural mix.

We also starting thinking outside the box in terms of things none of us can actually do yet -so we had forays into immersive, interactive, performance-based installations being driven by use of sensors that coordinated light, sound, imagery and so forth – some real interesting potential here, but again these are just beginnings…

See you all later at 1pm in the canteen to figure out our journey together on this.



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