Shirley – Put up with a chatterbox…


One thought on “Shirley – Put up with a chatterbox…

  1. Thought–Eternal time in the infinite space in the silent fluctuations.

    Thank you for your patience to elaborate their own ideas, but also thank you for taking the trouble to explain to me the discussion.This blog is really great. I can see all the thinking process and at any time involved.
    Over the past few days, I think a lot.The beginning of the thoughts from the theme I completed before – with up a chatterbox.I created a video for this theme. Contrast a couple with a different attitude towards life when the life of the screen.The husband spent every day in his wife’s endless grumbling and chattering accusations.This kind of similarity that occurs frequently in different time periods in the same space, combined with some of the ideas about time that we discussed on Monday, all of this makes a sudden appearance in my mind a word.That is the eternal time in the infinite space of the continuous fluctuations in the silent.
    In this video I want to express the wife in a period of time every day to do the same thing, that is complaining about the world chatter.Whatever the passage of time,day to day。
    Art comes from life.Nature, human society, and between nature and human society are unified. Everything in the universe, are in the universe under the same conditions of operation.
    There is no absolute thing in this world, one category relative to another category relative.
    People can not simultaneously into the same river, the concept of the moment at what moment? Then the next moment relative to the moment the person is eternal to live or eternal death, the occurrence of things that exist or fleeting?
    (Reference)Kant’s transcendentalism was founded on the basis of time and space. There is no space for time, but it exists in the form of images, that is, life is life, death is death, cherish our now every second, this is true.
    Eternity is only relative to the short, no time that is neither eternal nor short. No time can not be in time, you can also penetrate time. To ignore all the time in the past, then all the history will be like a picture to expand, then the past, present, future people will appear in the same space.
    These descriptions make my brain feel a number of images:
    Line lights;
    Light in the slow divergence, flow;
    Surrounded by.


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