Finally, we get everything done. I have to say each of you really did a wonderful job, the Collaborative Dialogues and the poster. I like Issy’s image and color, Rob’s philosophy thinking, Shirley’s cultural coherence ( and I witnessed how much time and effort she spent in layout design ), and Eddie, your work is always so cool.   From today, we’re no longer a team. But this experience is the best teamwork ever for me, except being stressed out before the deadline, and I did stay up to finish the work. I was over confident about my health condition, … Continue reading

Real Virtuality

One last one for the book. I emailed it earlier to Shirley but here it is for the blog.     Date: Permanent Installation. Location: Everywhere.   Put on your VR headset and disappear into the simulacrum. The world you see in the headset is a perfect copy of the world you inhabit physically. Recreated in super HD video, the copy in your headset in fact, appears more vivid, more real the world outside. You are immersed in the image, no longer looking upon a reproduction you now move through it, in a fully embodied experience. The copy is seamlessly … Continue reading Real Virtuality

Introduction to the festival (rough)

Hi Guys, As agreed, here is a first draft of an introduction to the festival programme. Please feel free to make suggestions/edit as you see fit.. I have tried to reference our work within the (real/actual) collaboration as well as describe and introduce the (fictional) Festival. ———–   The Festival of Being and Nothingness.   Introduction Established in 2017, The Festival of Being and Nothingness emerged out of the collaborative work of artists and designers Izzy Layne, Robert Jones, Wang Kangni, Yan Xuechen and Eddie Jones. Their shared interest in the themes of Light, Time, Frequency, Reality, Nowness, Shadow, Trace, … Continue reading Introduction to the festival (rough)

Thanks for your concern.

I just come back from surgery. Due to my health condition, I have no progress with my group work and poster. To hand in on time, I may have to stay up all night. The doctor suggested me to rest for extra 2 days. If the symptom continues, I should go to the surgery again on Friday morning and do a blood test to see whether being infected. But I don’t want to miss the class or presentation…Sorry, I don’t have enough time to read your blogs… Continue reading Thanks for your concern.

Your Time in Space

Firstly the text followed by the 2 images: Title: Your Time in Space Date: 12th October 2112– 11th November 2112 Location: The Orbuom Observatory, The Orbuom Centre, Outer Space Flights available from selected space ports worldwide (check the festival website for details)* For this event we present ‘Your Time in Space.’ Taking place at the observatory, which can be found at the top of the spine of The Orbuom Centre, It is here that you will witness moments captured of yourself before they gradually fade into the stars. Life is made up of moments and it is possible to see … Continue reading Your Time in Space

Composition for Shadows.

  Composition for Shadows February 18th 2112 – March 13th 2012 Friars Barn, Oxford Road, Hereford, UK The sun arcs the sky from dawn till dusk. We only really notice its movement with the rise and set when in close proximity to the horizon. In these instances the sun appears to move more quickly, when seen in relation to a fixed object. Once it extracts itself from this visual field and embarks on its long crossing of the sky above, it appears to slow, laboriously crossing the expanse until in the final moments of it’s journey, speeds up again towards … Continue reading Composition for Shadows.

Enter the Void…

  This is still work in progress…but wanted to post before going to work… Enter the Void Museum of Modern Art, New York 2112. The Infinity Room Laser light, camera projections, sensors, custom software, 3D tracking cameras, steel beams, octophonic sound system, gridded floor, walls and ceiling from 100sqrm   Light Room is a large-scale environment of laser light that ceases to emit light beams wherever a person walks through them. This immersive experience places the visitor in a infinite light matrix through which they  wander. Due to the nature of laser beams the position where a person is currently … Continue reading Enter the Void…

The Torus – London 2112

The Torus Greenwich, Thames Path, London 2112 The Torus is a permanent large scale structure that is based in London situated along the Thames at Greenwich – home to standard clock time as we know it. The Torus houses a futuristic rollercoaster that takes visitors on an Earth-bound journey through space and time. The rollercoaster consisting of twelve individual glass ‘pods’ is hidden within an enclosed tunnel within the Torus structure. Passengers secure in their ‘cocoon’ pods are provided with an experience that simulates what it might be like to travel through hyperspace along a gigantic wormhole through the warping of the … Continue reading The Torus – London 2112

Enter the Room

Hi all, After today’s meeting Eddie and I have combined an idea of virtual mirror rooms which complement each other wonderfully. Clearly we have all been on a similar wavelength during this collaboration – Eddie an I even sourced the exact same image to represent the common idea. Please feel free to crit and edit the text – I’ve tried to create a complement with Eddies text so that they naturally pair up. Enter the Room An encounter with real virtuality Virtual Mirror Room 1.     Enter into a world without you in it. Through our engagement with screens … Continue reading Enter the Room

The Orbuom

Information for the festival guide. (For Shirley) Here is my first event to add to the guide/layout you are working on. Firstly the text in 3 paragraphs and then 2 images so you know which ones to use. The Orbuom Date: 12th October 2112 – 11th November 2112 Location : The Orbuom Centre, Outer Space Flights available from selected Space Ports. (check the festival website for details) The Orbuom is a Crystal Ball like structure above the spinal tower at The Orbuom centre. Inside there is a point where light and frequencies meet called ‘The Source’. Here one is able … Continue reading The Orbuom

Share it

Thank you Eddie picture provided is that I thought are two mirrors placed relative to one another, and the number of mirrors in a finite or infinite number? The overlapping worlds are interesting, where the time in the opposite picture belongs.Is the time in the mirror eternal or forbidden? Just at the moment I recorded a time: My favorite idol-Hugh shares the world in the mirror: And other mirrors overlap the world at rest or eternity Continue reading Share it